Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Mistress please !!! dress me in the classic style, classic lingerie as girdles , garter belt , fully fashioned stockings, bra , slips , camisoles , very high heels..........
Pin-up, Burlesque, & Retro Lingerie ,vintage and retro style clothing , shoes, costume jewelry & accessories and I am ready start my transformation as a obedient happy sissy.

Mistress transform me a Pin-Up girl , WOW! I would like if such wonderful dreams come true!

Transform me a Pin-Up girl and I into a wonderful a very strict disciplinarian training , go to the Beauty Salon ,Use feminizing products , femninizing hormones , giving me female hormones pills Mistress , put me on hormones .

Put me in permanent chastity. I became very obedient and sweet sissy she-male slave and no going back , become a 24/7 slave girl.

You can Mistress found a permanent feminization treatment for me, that would fully develop breasts, round the hips, narrow the waist, create a feminine figure and soften the skin , and my body would be feminine for life.

Strict Femninizing hormones training , my breasts grows until the maximum size and then they will be ready for large implants D cup, DD cup , or bigger .

" Most effective, the large breasts implanted - quite permanent that way , a very effective method to keep sissy in her girly place permanently. Extra-sized areolas could be tattooed around the gurl's nipples as well "

Oh yes Mistress with big boobs I will be permanently feminized and I can give a good boob jobs and feel the hot cum in my tits.

Womanly huge rounded ass that gives me that sexy wiggle as I walk and big asses bubble butts is good for ride to cocks .

" Mistress I would like have a huge round ass "

I wear corsets to help me create a more feminine shape , it also proportionally makes my hips and breasts appear to be fuller and rounder and more feminine.

Want to look & feel like a pinup? Yes Mistress!!!!!! Thank you Mistress!!!!!

My legs are enclosed in nylons , my feet in high heels and my body in retro vintage lingerie , every day

Forced me that you Mistress wanted I dress like a woman, act like a woman, and do all the things women do every day , I accept your dominance over my body.
I will soon understand that my life as a woman
I assume a new life as a woman , Mistress take full control of me.

I am is yours, Mistress molded me in your hands to become the willing servant of your desires. Forever to do your bidding, to fulfill your every need. Trapped in a silken trap from the permanent changes made to my body, I am unable to return, only able to exist within your defined confines, my life now must revolve around you.
Mistress make me the life a continual round of fully feminized slavery bending and shaping into the perfect feminized and obedient sissy she-male for your desire.

Serving you Mistress in every way you demand . Always feminized and under your strict training and transformation.

I am ready for female exercises and femininity lessons ,training me Mistress to walk sit move speak ,eat , even moan or cry as a girl.

I want learning my lessons and become the best she-male bonage slave girl I can

I'm into of the countless fetishes , hosiery , bondage........ I can think of nothing that I enjoy more than to slip on a pair of silky seamed nylons, vintage lingerie and a pair of the highest heels I can squeeze into and then spend the evening bound, gagged and wriggling in bondage at the feet of my Mistress.

I know is much better if I have bigger breasts , smaller waist and huge round ass

Mistress pushing me deep into my inevitable destiny of femininity
I will soon understand that my life as a woman, begins at the end of my cock

Mistress made me sign a slavery contract

Forced me Mistress into a wonderful a very strict disciplinarian dildo butt plug , cock sucking , pussy licking , cum whore , ............. training . I want learn to love to sucking cocks Mistress , become a good cocksucker "I'll make you money, Mistress" attitude , she-male hooker , and swallow cum, eat cum, swallow and lick up all of the cum I promise Mistress not leave or waste a drop , sissy faggot cum bucket , cum whore........
Sucking licking and savoring cocks , sperm it in my mouth until it becomes an integral part of my life.

Mistress forcing me sucking cocks and eating , swallowing cum until it I learn love sucking a big nice juicy cocks and eating creamy hot cum

Mistress pushing me deep into my inevitable cock sucking training

Forced Cum Training - I want to be sissy she-male slave girl then I need to learn to love to swallow cum, whether from someone else or my own sperm.

Cum addiction. Many sissies who eat their cum for your Mistress tend to get addicted to the taste of cum. I think that it is just going to happen if you like the taste of jizz, they are so in love with the taste and just cannot get enough of it.

After a wonderful very strict disciplinarian cock sucking training, I become a cock and cum lover sissy she-male.

Sucking licking and savoring cocks , cum until it I becomes an integral part of my sissy she-male life.
I want learning my lessons and become the best sissy she-male cock sucker , cum slut I can.

I promise Mistress not leave or waste a drop , sprays hot sticky white cum all over my face, mouth
Addict for a big cocks and gallons of cum

I want to serve you Mistress as a pussy licker and foot worshiper sissy she-male too.
Mistress I would like licking your nice beauty pussy , sucking your clit, I LOVE the taste of your pussy…

I love female feet encased in nylon , I want kiss your stocking feets . Become your lick-slave foot worshiper and lick , suck and taste the feet of this strict foot and shoe Mistress.

Mistress , I want kissing your stocking feet and nice juicy pussy , every day several hours.

Sucking pussy juices , delicious flavor......

Serving you Mistress as a sissy escort she-male , prostitute , secretary ..............every way you demand . Always feminized and under your strict training and transformation.

I can to begin bringing money for you Mistress too.During the day as a secretary slut , at night as an escort ,more specifically I can working for a service , work as a prostitute, become a total whore.

Officially change my name Mistress .I would like legally married to you Mistress, I must now serve your needs and wants. I will be the she-male trophy wife looking pretty for you, to show off to your friends… make them jealous knowing that pretty thing at your arm, sits willingly in your lap.

I promise pleasing your friends in any way you Mistress desire. I share with your neighbors when ever you want , I want become a obedient sissy she-male

I ability to cum only when I penetrated like a woman.

It's time to take those boring, drab, MAN clothes off...and slip into something more fabulous
More feminine.

I love very strict feminizing Mistresses
Thank you Mistress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you can make this Confession dream a reality with me, email


  1. When I read the story of men have been turn into shemale they been forst to take fem homlpmse
    I wish I have to take femen homes and been forst take them for reall

  2. I wish I be femenise in to sissy shemale
    I dream and desire to becom one and love the photos what is hapend to the men and I would like to be turne in to a shemale And be totey be female Is my desire To become one in tier life

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