Monday, December 20, 2010

Cum Slut Training

Cum cum cum Yes!! Cum Slut training If you want become a good sissy she-male slave girl ,bitch,whore then you need to learn to love to swallow cum, love the cum , love the taste, smell of hot salty or sweet creamy sticy cum.....non-negotiable training ....
Mistress forced you become a good cum slut she-male and after training you love the cum

I want love the taste of cock and cum! I like if the cum is more intense, creamy, taste, smell, the feel of cum.......a heavy sticky load
Remember there is no escape Cum Training!!!!!!!!! Sissy throat is filled with sperm!

Complete Humiliation : Cum Training
When your sissy has a women's body, thinks like a woman, acts like a woman, submits like a woman… but is she really there yet? Most likely not. So far she has been dominated only by females. The most masculine thing she has had to submit to is your dildo. Deep down, she still retains an egotistic male core. It's time to shake that very foundation.

Males are highly jealous of other males. Humiliate her by forcing her submission to the very essence of a man… cum. With a few male friends, subjugate her to the humiliation of having to wear another man's cum on her face and in every available orifice. Drench her from head to toe. Bind her so that she cannot move, leaving her covered in sperm. Unable to escape, she is forced to endure. Giver her time to reflect on herself, as cum runs down her face, as she smells and tastes it, as it begins to dry and cake all around her, the cum in her hair… leave her to think, laying alone in her pool of cum, the feel of splurting cocks still fresh in her memory.<

CUM SLUT training , should learn how to drink cum, eat cum , drinks with cum, drink cum from condom, coffe or chocolate milk with fresh cum from condom , mmmmm it is very good flavor, to savor to a creamy milk , all these training forms help to be a good cum slut, cum whore. I want to be girl,bitch,whore then I need to learn to love to swallow cum, whether from someone else or my own milk.
Making milk ice cubes , it is a common assignment of the Mistresses who they make an cum training for sissies, it is very good because have is always enough cum for the training.

For that reason it is necessary to have an it always ice tray full, this means it is always necessary to fill the one it ice tray, like they go spending. The cum cubes can put in several drinks, milk, chocolate milk,coffe, coke, juice.......or only cum cubes heated in microwaves to have a good glass of milk, but this always chooses your Mistress in that drunk and how many cubes.
I enjoy haveing a cum filled sissy pussy and taste of cum.

Cum addiction. Many sissies who eat their cum for your Mistress tend to get addicted to the taste of cum. I think that it is just going to happen if you like the taste of jizz, they are so in love with the taste and just cannot get enough of it.
Sissies to remember to be a good girl, bitch is important to drink and to swallow the milk and with the time to love the flavor of the creamy hot milk, your Mistress will thank and when you are sucking cocks

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Sissy She-Male covered with creamy cum
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