Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sissy She-Male Big breasts

Breasts are a woman's pride and joy. Something every woman has to have. Understandably, she has yet to attain these symbols of femininity. Being a young emerging woman, her breasts have yet to develop. Show her how they enhance a woman's body, and with the right attire, arouse the mind. Help her through this deficiency by using breast forms under her bra , all of the time, even to bed . This gives her an urgent sense of change, since she would no longer be able to hide her transformation.

Start her with training bras as she begins her development with female hormone treatment to develop her body. This gradual process will let her experience the joy of girlhood as she grows into a woman. Guide her as her breasts grow, her nipples more sensitive, her body center of gravity shifting forward, as the hormones correct the body she was born with. Teach her the proper uses of her breasts, and how they affect others. How her breasts will now dominate her life, ever obvious, dictating her wardrobe, forever proudly thrusting out as feminine mounds on her chest.

Change her bras as she outgrows them. Let her wear sexier and sluttier bras to show off her new breasts. This helps her deal with the inevitable confusion watching her change. Teach her to feel good about them, replacing feelings of loss of manhood with a new sense of pride. The pride of ownership over a beautiful set of soft, feminine breasts.

" His breasts grew nicely, helped by women’s exercises and even stronger dosages of pills and uses of creams "

You force and kept him in constant bondage, forcing him with whippings to take his pills and unknowingly the others ground up in his meals. Large breast , most effective the breasts should be implanted - quite permanent that way. A very effective method to keep sissy in her gurly place permanently , transforming a big breasted she-male with extra-sized areolas , gurl's nipples as well
His breasts growing and in 6 months or one year after ready for big size breast implants.

Totally feminized sissy to one and all would make it impossible to ever return to male status. Both Mistress and sissy benefit when sissy finally accepts what she is and embraces her femininity.

" How many mistresses like to really make guys into there female bitches not only dressing them up but to the point of hormones and really making them live as a women "

"An essential part of being a gurl is to feel pretty and feminine. There is no item of clothing that can put you in your femmy place better than a bra. A brassiere to adorn your breasts is exactly what every gurl needs."

Sissy has been bra conditioned , Your sissy get used to the feeling of a bra quite quickly and when she aren't wearing one - well, it just feels strange.

" I will demand that you become more gurl than you ever thought you could "

When your sissy has big boobs, it will be ready for tits job and feel the lot hot creamy cum in her tits. Big breasted sissy is a wonderful sissy she-male.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Forced Feminization , There were actually women who forced their
husbands into women slaves, who saw to their every need. Secretly started adding vitamins to his food , replaced his normal vitamins with femninizing hormones , giving him female hormones pills .
Forced him that you Mistress wanted him to dress like a woman, act like a woman, and do all the things women do every day. You can found a permanent feminization treatment for men, that would fully develop breasts, round the hips, narrow the waist, create a feminine figure and soften the skin , and his body would be feminine for life.
You can console her and told her all the wonderful things about being a woman
and being able to dress pretty sexy sluty , and how women are free to cry and show emotions and how women are in reality the superior and controlling gender.

“ As you might immagine, we had a few "hiccups" along the way. We had a bit of an altercation when I decided to put him on hormones and he refused. I immediately kicked him out of the house and he came crawling back. At this point, I knew that I had won so I got him on hormones the very next day and really got strict with my strap discipline. I also put him in permanent chastity. He became very obedient and sweet and I was in total control. After that, here was no going back. She is now a 24/7 girl “

Start his transformation
You go to the Beauty Salon with him , time that his body had been waxed completely smooth ( Brazilian Bikini Waxing) and eyebrows where waxed and shaped. Pedicure manicure , long bright red finger nails and matching red toe nails, full make up applied semi-permanent , longer woman styled and streaked hair, hair extensions or wigs.
Pierce both her ears and install large dangling earrings so she won't be able to ignore them as they bang against her cheeks. Bangles, chokers, necklaces or anklets are also appropriate as they represent bonds and chains. Avoid finger rings as they represent power and pride. Instead use more suitable such as nipple rings, clit bands, etc.

Change his wardrobe , the first step is to throw out every single piece of his old male clothes. Everything must go, even clothes that could pass for female attire. This is important to establish in his mind that this is a total change. Start him on lingerie immediately .

Use feminizing products and constantly wear a corset, to nip in his slim waist and give his hips and butt a rounder look, Keep her on high heels stilettos 5” to 7” , to tone his legs and ankles and raise his arches even higher . Put him in permanent chastity and strict with strap on discipline.
- Pussy Formation Butt plug training , these are invaluable for posture and awareness training and prepare him for the very feminine feeling of being filled , essential items for engaged in anal training , easy penetration. This serves the dual purpose of stretching sissies out for easier penetration and as a constant reminder of him status.
You can increased his dosage of pills and use of creams and gave him female lessons and exercises hours on end.

The Inner Woman
Feminizing her mind , she must be conditioned to think and act like a woman , show her how by being a girl, she is making you happy. Look pleased and leave her feeling special and good about herself. Emersion in female pursuits with a strict regime watching soaps, painting her nails, reading female fashion magazines, etc. must be strictly enforced.
A very strict disciplinarian training convert an unhappy, careless and thoughtless male into a wonderful , obedient and happy sissy.
The "trainer" must be experienced and understand that it involves physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

Complete Humiliation
Humiliate her by forcing her submission to the very essence of a man… cum , Yes, if sisssies want to be girls, then they need to learn to love to swallow cum, whether from someone else or their own milk . Cum addiction. Many sissies who eat their cum for your Mistress tend to get addicted to the taste of cum. I think that it is just going to happen if you like the taste of jizz, they are so in love with the taste and just cannot get enough of it.
Sissies to remember to be a good girl, bitch is important to drink and to swallow the milk and with the time to love the flavor of the creamy hot milk, your Mistress will thank.
With a few male friends, subjugate her to the humiliation of having to wear another man's cum on her face and in every available orifice. Drench her from head to toe. Bind her so that she cannot move, leaving her covered in sperm. Unable to escape, she is forced to endure. Giver her time to reflect on herself, as cum runs down her face, as she smells and tastes it, as it begins to dry and cake all around her, the cum in her hair… leave her to think, laying alone in her pool of cum, the feel of splurting cocks still fresh in her memory.

" Then the man or men fuck her mouth, tits and ass. I love seeing them cum all over her face and body and in her mouth repeatedly! "

Cock sucking , Your new girl is ready to assume a new life as a woman. You must now take full control of her. Make her accept your dominance over her body. With a strap-on, use it to invade her often. She must be made to accept your cock in her pussy and her mouth. She will soon understand that her life as a woman, begins at the end of your cock.

Sucking Cock
as a sissy she-male it is your responsibility to pleasure anyone your Mistress instructs you to. This may include a guest or a male lover. You are to approach this task with eagerness. Remember you are merely a tool, a vessel for other's enjoyment.
Sucking a man's cock is one of the pure pleasures in life.

" Swallow all of it sissy slut! I want you to lick him clean Do Not leave or waste a drop!"

" Now you've given this man a blow job that he'll not forget. Your Mistress will be pleased "

" Dream of it being a big juicy cock that it loves to suck so much "

At first, the changes were subtle ,At this point, he started working from home and we could accelerate the process. A year after that, it obvious to that there no going back so took her in for facial softeting surgery, voice surgery and a large breast augmentation.

" I enjoy watching them use my submissive she-male slave slut for their pleasure and amusement, and join them with my dildo. All women should own a sissy shemale,
it’s ever so much fun! "

To enhance her training in femininity, couple your rewards with dildo training; restrict cumming to only times when she has a dildo firmly in her pussy or deep in her mouth. Another important association is the ability to cum only when penetrated like a woman.
With proper and strict adherence to these rules, she should soon learn to cum whenever she is penetrated, but will loose the ability to do so when not. Eventually, she will able to enjoy sex again, but with you as the sole focus as her pleasure is now firmly tied to yours.

She is yours, molded in your hands to become the willing servant of your desires. Forever to do your bidding, to fulfill your every need. Trapped in a silken trap from the permanent changes made to her body, she is unable to return, only able to exist within your defined confines, her life now must revolve around you. She can never be unfaithful, her remnant a silent reminder of her vows of obedience to you, a guarantee of humiliation when stepping beyond your walls.Leaving her old life behind, she whole heartedly embraces womanhood. Finally, she is complete.
Large Breasted She-Male Slave Girl


I love reading magazines as “ ENSLAVED Sissies and Maids” , “Forced Womanhood” , “TRANSFORMATION” in these magazines I love the true stories woman makes men into sissified She-male , men enslaved chastised and turned into female slaves sissy maids, sex objects and more.
I like these warnings!
If you dare read this magazine .... you might end up like this , a chastised sissy maid.
Beware !
This could happen to you if you read this magazine

I like very strict feminizing Mistresses, serving her in every way she demand . Always feminized and under her strict training and transformation , Mistress's complete control.

Mistress take apart both mentally and physically and re-mould sissy to fit her perspective of what a She-male slave girl will be.
Controlled completely by Mistress , Mistress will make the life a continual round of fully feminized slavery bending and shaping into the perfect feminized and obedient sissy her desire.

Began training a man become a sissy slut start with the basics , women's underwear under male clothing, chastity , painted toe nails , butt plug , body shaved with pink woman gel and pink razor, waxing , and full female attire at home,

“ I agree 100%! True feminization is also emasculation and it is a continuous process from which a male never returns.”

but there came a point where begin the completely feminization , pierced ears, trimmed brows, longer woman styled and streaked hair, hair extensions or wigs , body hair permanently removed , facial and voice surgery , painted long nails , butt plugs every day , lingerie , woman clothing ,corset training, high heels , various feminizing hormone creams and pills , large breast implants .................................................................................sucking cock eating pussy , drinking cum , female exercises and femininity lessons.