Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pinup Dreams

Want to look & feel like a pinup? Oh yes Mistress!

The aesthetic Pin-Up is one of my favorite ones, I am authentic fan of this provocative ,sexy , glamorous and feminine look.
I would like to find a strict feminizing Mistress in the future who transform me and forces me to be a Pinup woman.

The years 50 had a very marked aesthetics that has survived the step of the time, maintaining their essence in spite of the evolutions. An authentic Pin Up is, really, to be very sensual and very feminine, with a point of ingenuousness compensated with another of malice. Eyes stressed with black eyeliner that give to the look a touch cat, perfect hairstyle above the brows, tube skirts, high waists and heels, of course.

In their times it was the recently deceased Betty Page the one that became icon of this aesthetics type , that was recovered later decades by Dita Von Teese. Be like be, the style Pin Up never stops present to be completely and it is a very good option of shining your femininity.

The sensuality of those "pin-up" he/she makes of this style one of the mock. The corsets, the steering wheels and the transparencies play to insinuate the forms of your body. From that it was popularized in the years 40, the aesthetics "pin-up" it has been synonym of sensuality and eroticism. Today, famous as Dita Von Teese has made of this current an entire tendency in the world of the fashion. The attitude with tints of innocence is the point of the attractiveness of these girls.

Dita's Diamond Backseam

This is Dita's personal favorite for the Red Carpet! And it is no wonder with all the unique detail in this Diamond Backseam French Heel Full Fashioned Stocking. It is a masterpiece in every sense of the word; it takes hours to produce the intricate detail of this exclusive stocking.

Certainly that Dita is without a doubt the best ambassador in the style Pin-Up in the middle of XXI century, its way to put on makeup, to get dressed.

The corsets, the stockings with lace and the steering wheels cannot lack in the linen of an authentic one "pin up."

Dita Von Teese has known how to rescue the look of the Pin Up and to make it his. The corsets are one of the garments fetish of Dita and nobody shines them as her.

Dita wears these stockings everyday! The Dita Full Fashion Stockings are made to the exacting standards of the 1950's originals complete with her trademark logo imprint on the welt, a hand sewn backseam and finishing hole at the top of the welt. Exclusively for Dita Von Teese by Secrets In Lace.

Secrets In Lace is proud to have been selected to create and exclusively present the Bettie Page Lingerie and Hosiery Collection. As part of the Bettie Page Dynasty Secrets In Lace is offering Authentic 100% Nylon Stockings sure to become collectors pieces to continue the Bettie Page Mystique.The Bettie Page Lingerie Collection is a unique grouping of Nostalgic Lingerie designed for everyday glamour wear. Choose from garter belts, open bottom girdles, bullet bras, sheer panties, full cut panties and Day Wear. The Bettie Page Mystique will continue for years to come and now you can be part of it with this exclusive collection!
Exclusively by Secrets In Lace for Bettie Page.

Bettie Page Nylon Stocking Collection

I love Nylon Stockings !

the Salons at Secrets In Lace have lingerie that captures a feminine, classic look and can also be worn all day by women who like to feel beautiful under their clothes.

I love Vintage Dot RHT Nylons.

Vintage Dot is a true classic! Made of 100% 15 denier non stretch nylon these Reinforced Heel and Toe stockings will give your legs that world famous Secrets In Lace look.

If I have a Mistress and she want to marry, I would like wear something similar, to be the wife of a Mistress is wonderful.

“Now, sissy wife to be,” I promise to dress in sexy lingerie and the highest heels every day, serve my Mistress by cooking and cleaning and always give him everything she wants “Let the wedding begin!”

Bride´s maids helping me get dressed for the ceremony

Mistress forces me to wear these wonderful sexual beautiful feminine lingerie, dresses , every day and forever, you Mistress transform me a pinup woman and I will obey to all your orders , as dressing for your pleasure, sucking fucking cocks and licking pussy , cum whore , become your sissy she-male escort slave girl , giving pleasure for your lovers , friends .........obey to all orders. Thank you Mistress!

Mistress I promise that I will be a good cock sucker

Locked in Vintage Lingerie forever , Pinup girl

to be continued.........


  1. I wish I was a pinup girl
    Waring skirts Locke good when waring sexey shoues
    I wish I ware sexey woman clothes 24/7

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